Jin's_Face You Know You're Obsessed With Jin When...

After reading a whole bunch of comical "you know you're Asian when..." lists, I decided to write one about Jin. I love Jin, but I can't say I'm obsessed with him so much. I don't do everything I've listed.

  1. You go to the arcade and stare at that picture of Jin on the side of the Tekken 3 machine.
  2. You go to the arcade and have your friends take pictures of you next to that picture of Jin on the side of that Tekken 3 machine.
  3. When your opponent picks Jin, you say, "Stay away, he's mine!" regardless of their sex. If they're a guy, you just assume they're gay because Jin is so damn sexy.
  4. When someone asks you, "So who do you like right now?" you immediately respond with "JIN!"
  5. People at school think you're a freak because you've cut up everything you have that has to do with Tekken in order to stick pictures of Jin in your folder.
  6. When one of your friends wants to hook you up, you immediately ask, "Does he look like Jin?"
  7. If this friend doesn't know who Jin is, you scream at them incessantly for hours.
  8. When someone's name is Jin, you scour the Earth to find out what they look like and if they're single, but you kind out later that they are actually Korean and female. (I know a girl named Jin...)
  9. If you're playing as Jin, you scream out, "God, he's so fine!" at five second intervals.
  10. When people ask you, "Why are you so obsessed with a video game character?" you respond with, "Video game character? I don't know what you're talking about."
  11. You force your boyfriend to dye his hair black (If it already isn't...) and spike his hair like Jin's whenever you see him.
  12. You go on a hunt to find Mishima Style Karate studios or Kazama Self-Defense studios, but when you never find them, you just go train with Tae Kwon Do.
  13. You force your boyfriend to go to the gym for months, just so he can have Jin's body.
  14. You've taken up forest bathing and walks in the forest, even if you have to drive for hours to get to a forest.
  15. You go to Japan and search for Jin.
  16. You scour the net for pictures of Jin, and when you find them all, you print them all out and stick them in a locked box so "no one will get to them."
  17. You throw fits and kick a person in the groin really hard if: (a) they pick Jin and lose (b) if you lose to them while playing with Jin.
  18. When you're practicing with Jin, (In the PSX version...) you pick another Jin to practice against so you can keep sidestepping just so you can see his amazing body.
  19. You are jealous of Ling Xiaoyu because she attends the same school as Jin.
  20. You cry whenever you see Jin get possessed in any of the PSX endings.
  21. You buy a blue sweater, a white collared shirt, and pinstripe pants for your boyfriend and make him wear them to homecoming.
  22. You hate Heihachi because he's just using Jin and he shoots him and he tosses him out of a helicopter.
  23. You will only date Asian guys who are 19.
  24. Whenever you see anyone that looks remotely like Jin, you stalk him and get his number. Then when you find out he has a girlfriend, you tell your friends you're going to hire Nina. (If you don't get it, Nina's an assassin.)
  25. When your friend says Jin needs to pluck his eyebrows, you instantly tell them to shut up.
  26. Your friends call you "that freak."
  27. Your e-mail address is something like jins_woman@love.com or jin_is_mine@keepaway.com.
  28. When you come to school with your eyes looking all bloodshot, and your friends asked you what you were doing all night, you say, "I sat up all night staring at Jin's face."
  29. You cuss out people who think he looks cute with Julia Chang.
  30. You call Julia Chang "the whore."
  31. When people criticize Jin's outfits, you slap them across the face and storm out all mad.
  32. You change you last name to Kazama and insist that people call you [whatever you first name is] Kazama, or Miss Kazama. If they refuse to call you this, you tell them that you will have your Grandfather-in-law, Heihachi, send his "Tekken Forces" after them.
  33. If some guy calls Jin a fag, (Which has actually happened in my case...) you pound the shit of him until someone calls the cops.
  34. You take up a fierce hatred for Hwoarang and you devise a plot to keep Nina away from Jin.
  35. When people ask you how your day was, you say, "Well, I won my match against Heihachi..."
  36. Every night you thank God for Kazuya and Jun's "fling."
  37. When you make fun of Leonardo DiCaprio, since all of your friends are obsessed with him, they make fun of Jin.
  38. Using all of your pictures you have collected of Jin from the net, you turn your computer into "Jin's Dominion."
  39. If you secretly don't have a boyfriend, you tell everyone that you do have one and that his name is Jin. They never see him around because he "goes to a different school."
  40. You take up a sudden interest in Asian bastard children.
  41. For some reason, everything your mother says finally means something. [Jin adored his mother.]
  42. While bored during class, you scribble your signature "Mrs. Jin Kazama" all over your history notes. [Can't say I haven't done this one...]
  43. You have had one or more dreams about Jin where he's like Fabio in those "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" commercials.
  44. If you see a Tekken commercial on T.V., you run around the house screaming and looking for a tape so you can watch Jin over and over and over again.
  45. You have gone on a fruitless mission to find a bottle of "Tekken 3 Soda" with Jin on it. [Namco handed those out at the Tekken 3 "kick-off" party.]
  46. You have done the same looking for the bowl of Jin instant noodles.
  47. You go to Toys-R-Us to reserve your Jin action figure. When they didn't let you, screamed, "Dammit, let me reserve my Jin action figure or else that faggot giraffe Geoffrey's gonna get it!"
  48. Instead of tending to the guests at work, you pull out your locked box of Jin pictures and look at them your entire shift. You get fired for this eventually.
  49. In order for people to get your attention, they have to say "Jin" first, then start talking. Otherwise, you're thinking about the best way to see the most of Jin's amazing body while playing with him.
  50. The only reason you go to the mall is to watch Jin prance around on the screen Tekken 3 machine. Even better if it's the big screen kind.
  51. The first thing you see when you wake up in the morning is your gigantic Jin poster on your ceiling and it's the last thing to see before you go to sleep.
  52. You've spent at least six hours at your local Barnes and Noble scouring that huge magazine rack for pictures of Jin to stick in your locked box.
  53. You've gone three or more nights without sleep just so you and Jin can "be alone" while you're playing Tekken.
  54. When anyone mentions Viagra, you think to yourself, "Now I KNOW Jin doesn't need that!"
  55. You go into the video games store and beg and plead with its owner to let you take home the huge cardboard cut-out of Jin, that's advertising for Tekken 3, that's standing in his store window.
  56. You repeat "Jin Kazama" to yourself the whole day just to feel that feeling you get when the Tekken 3 announcer utters his name.
  57. You have a picture of him in your wallet and show it off to your friends saying that he is your boyfriend.
  58. You write a list about how people are obsessed with Jin. [Hee hee!]

    Well, that's it for now... More will come soon though. If you got anything you wanna add, send it to me!

    Numbers #50-54 submitted by Valerie . Numbers #55-57 submitted by Melanie .