Jin's_Face Updates

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12/23/98 Wow! I was kinda letting this page die, but I'm glad to say I'm back. I finally got rid of the piece of crap 486 and got a Pentium II! The main reason I didn't update is because school's been getting kinda tough, but no excuses! Truthfully, there's not really much to update, as this site is as full as can be. Well, right now, I have some new Jin pictures, some of which are pretty interesting. I'm also disappointed to say that not all of the links on my page are functioning anymore, which kinda bugs, but I'll try to get on that as soon as I can. In my next update, which will be as soon as I can find the time, will be adding some new signs that you're obsessed with Jin and perhaps some new fanfic stories. Until then adios and have a Merry Christmas!

8/5/98 Finally! A real update. Okay, I fixed the bugs in the picture section, but the ones in the fanfiction section are yet to come. I added one new picture to the the rendered picture section, which is really nice. I also changed the outlook of the front page. Nice, isn't it? Kinda cyber-punkish, but I think it looks nifty. I'm also on my way to get a new computer soon... (The one I have now is an ancient 486 33mhz...) so when that happens I should be able to add some cool stuff to this page. And to those of you that have subscribed to my update mailing list, I haven's used it yet cuz the server that I use to send it out is down! I'll try to notify you guys when it works asap though. Buh bye now! Oh yeah, looks for some interesting updates in the fan club section real soon...

7/31/98 Wow! Sorry it took so long for the next update. I know it's been awhile. I just added some nonsense to the Fan Club section and that's about it. Sorry for the small update, but I'm still working on fixing some minor bugs in the picture and fanfiction sections. I'm also planning to add a few more links, more stuff about Jin in the media, and I might have a few surprises in store for fans of the Final Fantasy series. Anyways, luv ya guys!

6/18/98 It's been quite awhile since the last update, but I've been really busy. Sorry that I haven't been getting back to those that have been e-mailing me, but I'll respond shortly. Anyways, this update is fairly small, except for the fact that I switched servers because Fortune City simply sucks. Sure they give you a helluva lot of space, but they pretty much suck for a lot of reasons. Anyways, see if you can notice any changes.

6/3/98 Well, I finished the "Other Fine Ass Guys" section, technically, but I will be adding more people in there once I have the time. I have also finished the fan fiction section. Both of these can be found under "Jin's Fan Club." It has come to my attention that Namco used real models to model their characters in Tekken 3. That means that there's a REAL Jin running around out there somewhere. Run to me please... Oh I broke up with my man. We had "creative differences." Oh well. School's almost up, so expect this page to grow by leaps and bounds sometime during the Summer. Let's see... I also added a lot more pictures, courtesy of Xiaoyu Land, a great website that can be found under the "Tekken 3 Stuff" section. I think this was a fairly big update so just look around and *don't* forget to tag up my guestbook, all rightie?

5/26/98 Well let's see... I've added a couple of new pictures and made some more thumbnails, which should make the page load faster. Still at work on the "Other Fine Guys" page and the fan fiction one, but they should be up within the next two weeks, after all school is almost over! I added one more thing to the "You Know You're Obsessed with Jin When..." page also submitted by Valerie. Dammit, all of my bookmarks erased themselves, so now it's hell trying to find things off the net... I never really realized how much I depended on those things. Oh well. I also can't link certain people up because of that, so please just send me those URLs again, okie? Luv ya!

5/21/98 Wow, it's actually been almost a week since I updated! Well, I've added some more pictures to picture gallery, mostly from Jin's ending and the arcade intro. I've added some more links too. I'm still working on various sections right now, though not all are Jin-related. It's a "Guys Who Are Jin-Like" page, and a fan fiction section on Jin. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of fan fiction because well, sometimes the people who write it are kinda sad..., but the ones about Jin are actually pretty good. I've also added a new little squibble into the marriage prospects, and put some more stuff up on the "You Know You're Obsessesed With Jin When..." page. I'm also thinking about changing to the title of the "Jin's Fan Club" section into "Miscellaneous," because since I can't fit any more sections into the frame, I could pretty much list anything under that one!

5/15/98 Okay, I think I've been updating too much, but I guess that's a good thing. Geez, the Fortune City sever has a horrible number of problems! I guess that's how you pay for 10mb of free webspace. Well, I've worked out a few bugs, including the one with the message boards. I also added some more links and FAQs to the "Tekken 3 Stuff" section. I really don't get the problem I had with the message boards, but hey, it's okay. :) Okay, I added two nifty little things to the Fan Club section, which are a "you know you're obsessed with Jin when..." list, and Jin's marriage prospects. Corny and dumb, yes, but fun to write. Read them, I think you'll get a kick out of them. I've also changed the Bio section around a bit. I just kinda realized graphics-wise, but page is kinda dull. I think I'm gonna keep it that way for now though, cuz my main focus is information, not pictures. Besides, all the pictures you could ever want are in the Pictures section. Those are all of the better pictures you can get of Jin on the net. Oh, I got some pictures from Jin's ending, however, I haven't had the time to post them yet. I'll do so as soon as possible. Well, that's it for now! Luv ya!

5/14/98 Well, let's see... I added the fan club section. Check it out. The message board is now up and running. Feel free to use it. Oh yeah, the moves are up too. Sorry, but I had to rush this message.

5/13/98 Well, I'm still hard at work on the moves section. Typing up all of Jin's moves and making them in nice little tables takes an eternity, but I'm almost done. It might take quite awhile to make my page totally complete as I have Song tryouts coming up again, my AP tests, and finals. It sucks. I've made a message board, but I don't think anyone will be using it, cuz I haven't actually linked it up yet, even though you see "Message Board" as an option. I still have some bugs to work out of it and I want to make it perfect, just like Jin. I've gotten a couple more pictures of Jin, some more FAQs (Both Jin and Non-Jin...), and a couple of more facts about Jin. I haven't had the time to post all all these things yet, but I will do so asap. Did anyone else know that Paul's supposedly gay? Well, all I have to say is that it explains a lot. He was so hot when he was younger too... What a waste! Oh yeah, I also changed the counter to a new format. You like? Me like! Wow, over 2000 visitors in less than two weeks! I can't believe it! I still believe my page is FAR from complete, and I'm hoping to have it totally done within a month or two. What you see now is only preliminary... Just keep your fingers crossed and hope that my teachers ease off!