Jin's_Face Jin's Marriage Prospects

After seeing this based on characters from Ranma, I thought it would be cute to make one on Jin. All it is is things about Jin that make him a good guy to marry. Read on!


    Well, looks are definitely 10+! He has his sexy black bangs, those slanted Asian eyes, a killer body, and gorgeous cheekbones. He knows how to dress, yadda yadda yadda etc. Well, just look at him! He is the definition of human perfection and godliness when it comes to looks! He is the perfect looking man!


    Well, I think Jin is very intelligent. He's 19 and still attending school, but in Asian countries, it is typical to attend school at that age. Let's face it people, it's simply a known fact the majority of Asian people are very intelligent. The nerd with the glasses and black hair is always the one the rest of the class go to for help when they need it. They score high on SATs, their countries have high math and science scores, etc. Jin is Japanese, therefore, it is a good assumption that he is a very intelligent, yet incredibly sexy, human being.


    Jin seems like the ultimate sweetie. He likes his mother's precepts and dislikes people who deceive. That's so cute! He such a cute little mama's boy. He does seem a little naive though. The fact that he can't see that Heihachi's only been using him does bother me a bit. Disregarding that, he is a kind, gentle soul, like his mother once was. However, its seems that Heihachi's been filling his mind with crap, kinda corrupting him, yet I still think he would be a very nice guy.


    Not really much can be said for this, only assumed. I'm guessing he must be a really good cook due to the fact that he was raised alone by Jun. He obviously had to learn how to cook for himself, so if he's still standing and has a body like that, then I think it's safe to assume that he's a pretty damn good cook.

Fighting Skills

    Okay, fighting skills. Watch him fight. He kicks almost everyone's ass. He ruined Hwoarang's perfect record. He is the son of two excellent fighters. He could probably protect you from any thug on the street that you can imagine. With Jin, you know you'll be safe. Trust me, I, and many other people, have seen him in action.


    Well, there's not much to say for in-laws here. Most of 'em are dead. Jun - dead. Kazuya - dead. Jun's parents - dead. There's only Heihachi. He's seems like an ass sorta though. Word is, he was a nice guy until his wife died and Kazuya began to resent him. Maybe if Jin got married to you, he would learn to love a female presence other than his wife again, making him the sweet man he once was. then again, he could always just be that rich asshole that like to throw his descending male relatives from high places. It's a Mishima family tradition! Everyone, even Jin (In his PSX ending, he bashes Heihachi through a wall and he falls FAR...) has done it!


    This guy is financially set. There's nothing stopping you there. For God sakes, he's the heir to the Mishima Financial Empire! That's the biggest monopoly in the Tekken world! You can have all the Lexuses you want and a house the size of Bill Gates'! To Jin, money doesn't matter. It can't. He has so much, he probably doesn't know what to do with it.


    Okay, look at his body. Just imagine what the size of his "apparatus" would be. Plus he's got big feet. Consider that also. Then, he's a bastard child. Put those all together and you have this sex monster!


    Personally, he I think he would probably be an excellent father. He was raised by what many people refer to as an "angel," but the only problem is that he grew up without a father. All of the male Mishimas are kinda messed up as fathers, I think, but Jin can probably change that.


    If you've read this far, something's wrong with you. But, if you've read this far and you don't want to marry him, even if he were real, you ought to send yourself to the sanitarium right now because you're going there anyways.

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