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Well, believe it or not, all of do see a lot of Jin in our everyday lives. From commercials to bowls of instant noodles, I, personally, see a lot of Jin. This section is just here to document these sightings.

  • Letters to PSMOnline

    Letters to PSMOnline

    Lately, there have been girls writing in PSMOnline about what I call the "Jin Revolution." You know how guys go nuts over certain female video games characters, right? A good example is Lara Croft. She's very well "endowed" so guys want her. Jin is turning into the "Lara Croft" for girls who play video games. Just look at him. Can you blame us?! Well, there has been a string of letters about the "Jin Revolution" that have been written in to PSMOnline. Here are transcripts of them. The URLs to see them are available if you want to read them at PSMOnline, but it's the same thing. :)

  • Letter #1 - The Jin Kazama Fan Club
      I think girls have found their "Lara Croft." I am talking about Jin Kazama in Tekken 3. Damn, that guy is fine-ass! This should be proven by the number of Jin Kazama dedicated sites made by girls that are starting to pop up. Look at him, he's PERFECT! He's got those slick bangs, the perfect body, including buff-as-hell arms and a perfect torso and chest. Plus, he looks hella sexy in his school uniform. Then he has those gorgeous cheekbones, pouty man lips, and those slanted Asian eyes. But if only he were real... Why did Namco have to make him so damn sexy?! Even my straight guy friends and brother agree.

      The President of the Jin Kazama Fan Club

      Ed: Lara Croft and Jin Kazama -- Maybe Eidos and Namco should stage a wedding.
  • Letter #2 - More Love for Jin
      Just wanted to log in as another Jin-lover... I was initially interested in him cause Jin [I think she means Kazuya...] was 'my' character in Tekken 2, but I fell for him in his own right instantly! If there really are web sites to him I wanna go! If I can figure out how to get pics I'll make my own! He is SO Kawaii (!!) in his school uniform and he has the coolest pants out of any PlayStation character :) As for Lara Croft - BACK OFF! He's mine!

      *Asuka Jenius

  • Letter #3 - Jin Porn
      Man, Jin is hot! I want him! All other girls better back off, especially that Lara Croft! He's mine dammit! If anyone's really interested in websites about Jin, there's a website that I found that's dedicated to him and its at www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Realm/3358/index.html. There's links to others on it too. PSM - We girls want Jin porn, not Cloud porn! Remember, he's mine!

      Mrs. Sarah Kazama

      Ed: Jin porn, huh? Hmm, I'll see what I can do. In fact, check back Monday.

    Well, that's it for now! If there's anything that you think should be here, please do not heistate to send it to me!