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Hi everybody! Welcome to the Jin Kazama Shrine. I think Jin is the hottest fictional man ever created. Why? There are so many reasons. I'll work my way down. Well, first of all, LOOK AT HIS HAIR! It's perfect. When I look at a guy, the first thing I notice is their hair. If it looks gay, I'll assume they're gay, but Jin's hair is mad fly! He's got those spikes up on the back of his head, and then the hard-Asian guy bangs coming down brushing his eyes. <*sigh*> In normal circumstances, I DESPISE bangs on guys. It makes them look dirty and dumb and hard, but he makes it look oh-so good! Now, working downward, we meet with his eyes and eyebrows. His eyebrows just roar with agressive sexyness. Then his eyes are this gorgeous brown/hazel shade that is simply hypnotic. His eyelids have that sharp Asian crease that I love so. If a guy with the crease hits on me, I'm as good as his. Now, we get to his cheekbones. Look at those cheekbones. They scream, "I should be a model!" And he should be... Then his chin isn't too pointy or too round, just right. Now we're at his neck. His collarbones make him look like a god. Then you see those ridges all over his back and so on... This guy is buff like crazy! He has the freakin PERFECT body. I don't see one flaw. The pecs, the abs, everything. After the abs, we get to... Well, let's not take it that far. I think you get the picture. If you want more of my opinion, click here.

Well, a Jin shrine can't get ALL that detailed, but I'll try my best. I am his self-proclaimed #1 fan. I will play with other people in Tekken, but he is definitely my favorite after Nina. I'm not the best with him, but I think I love him more than anyone else. Use the map above to find your way around this sacred ground.

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