Jin's_Face Other Fine Ass Guys

There are other guys in my life other than Jin. There are plenty of other fine ass guys at my school, but I don't have a scanner yet, so I borrow my friend's. These are the ones I have have pictures of. Trust me, this place will ALWAYS be groing with leaps and bounds. These guys are just my type, which is classified as tall, skinny (usually Asian...) guys with spiked hair and gay voices. Just look at the hair. They all have the same hair. A lot of them have gay ass voices too. (Ask Nicole [Nikki... ha ha!] about this one.)


This is Kim Jong Kuk. He's from the Korean group Turbo. Damn's he's prolly the finest guy I've ever seen. Other than Jin of course. He has the gayest voice I've ever heard in my life. (I have the CD if anyone wants to hear...) He takes Tae Kwon Do too! His hair is just perfect in those pictures. He stopped spiking his hair so it looks kinda fro-ie now, but he's still damn fine! I love his eyes, but SOMEONE [Annie...] out there disagrees with me... Supposedly he's really sweet. He sings like a bitch, but it sounds good. That's a good thing cuz a lot of Korean singers can't sing for shit and have their voices enhanced by computer, but you can always tell once they sing live.

This is Lee Seung Kwang. He's from the Korean group Goofy. He used to look like a dork with binocular vision, as seen in the above picture. (Which sucks cuz the only tapes I have of him performing were when he was a dork...) Look at how fine he is now! He has the ideal hair. Spikes that are a little longer and tails coming down. Dammit, I don't have a pix of him in his glasses. He looks soooooo damn fine with his glasses on! I heard their CD sucks so I didn't buy it. He also has an extremely gay voice. He sings just like Kim Jong Kuk. He got drafted into the Korean army so he's out there in boot camp gettin buff just for me... ^_^
This is Cac Man. Actually, he's not, but since he's a real life friend, I thought it would be inconsiderate to post his full name with his picture on the net. Anyone named Cac Boy or Man is a guy I really know... okie? He was my date to Sadie's freshman year. He's the finest guy that I've ever seen in person. He looks nothing like Jin. I used to be pretty obsessed with this guy, but now we're just friends. He had a really cute Japanese girlfriend whom he loved (or still does maybe) very much and I was happy for him. What sucks now is that she's still got him whipped and she dumped him. Oh well... Oh yeah, he gets better looking each day. Seriously. It's uncountable how many times I've told his ex-girlfriend how stupid she is for getting rid of him.
This is Yoo Seung Joon. He's a Korean solo singer. He's supposed to be kinda mean and conceited, but he's really cute. At least I think so. A friend of a friend was a back dancer for him and she said he wasn't as friendly as she hoped he would be. He wouldn't shut up about his girlfriend or something like that. This guy sounds good on his CD, but cracked his voice like crazy when I saw him sing live... Hmmmm...
Okay, so he's not Asian, but does that matter? I've been called a "traitor" for having a little infatuation with this absolutely charming and fine guy, but to those people, I say, "Get off your freakin boat!" (Don't try to understand that one unless you're Asian...) He's so chiseled and ooooooo! He's a lot better looking than that gay ass Leo (whose gay lover is Kevin Spacey... haha!) and he seems so nice. If I ever met him I'd probably run around laying on the floor (like Homer Simpson) and then get up and introduce myself. *sigh*