Jin's_Face Video Game Girls: How They Act & What They Wear...

Okay, there are a lot of things that bother me on this topic. And there are a lot of things that don't. This is what I believe is the criteria for becoming a video game character...if you are female. My personal comments are in red.

  1. Have really big breasts. Just take a look at those things.
  2. Wear incredibly skimpy clothes, even if it makes no sense to be wearing those kinds of clothes in that setting. I mean think about it, why the hell would you wear an up-the-ass leotard with slits all over to fight someone? Or wear a tank top and short shorts in snowy weather? Why???
  3. Be unanatomically correct and have 46-16-34 measurements. In other words, your new name is Barbie. This one speaks for itself.
  4. Enjoy to jump up and down like a cheerleader and giggle and yell nonsense. Hey, there are a ton of examples for this one, but it doesn't apply to everyone.
  5. Have a kind of special move where they flash a certain part of their body. True dat.
They all seem so true. But there are a few girlies who defy these often true stereotypes. Who are they? Well in my opinion, they are... (In no particular order...)

Ibuki Jill Valentine Sakura Ling Xiaoyu

Well, I think they're the top four normal chicks. However, the worst ones have got to be...(Also in no particular order...)

Orchid Sofia

Two other really bad ones have to be Felicia from the Nightstalkers series and Mai from the Final Fight series. Their pictures are yet to come.

Why, you ask, do I pick these 8 people? Well let's start with the first four, shall we?

Okay, the first one is Ibuki, who made her first appearance in the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter 3. She's cool. She wears a non-revealing outfit. She fights with equalness to the guys. Most of all, she's a woman ninja that doesn't wear a skimpy, up-the-ass leotard. (Examples of that can be seen in the Mortal Kombat series.)

Second, we have Jill Valentine of Resident Evil. The reasons for her being one of the top four are obvious. She blows off zombies' heads and doesn't whine about it. I can't say she's completely independent, (Barry...) but she's a helluva lot more independent than that dumb whiny bitch Rebecca.

Third, we have Sakura Kasugano. She's one of my all-time favorites. She's so adorable. She has that cute school-girl crush on Ryu. Also, she fights like a maniac. I love that! And, she's not afraid to wear hair short!

Last, but not least, we have the lovely Ling Xiaoyu. (It's pronounced "shao-yu" for those of you who don't know...) She kicks ass! Sure, she's a little weak, but she's fast like a bitch! I hate it when my brother picks her cuz he always beats me... But, she's dresses appropriately for fighting, and actually looks like she should.

Now for the worst four.

The first one is Orchid of the Killer Instinct series. Personally, I think she's got to be the worst example. She embodies freakin every stereotype ever known. Let's see, she's wearing an up-the-ass leotard, has big breasts, she jumps up and down like a cheerleader, and has a flashing move. There we go...

Next, is Sofia from the Toshinden series. I think she's just plain annoying. Just look at her. And then look at the way she fights. Let's see... She bitch slaps, makes annoying "Ya!" sounds, uses (of all weapons) a whip, and wears an up-the-ass leotard. My word! What were they thinking?!

Next, we have Felicia , who is from the Dark Stalkers series. My word, she's supposed to a cat! To me, she just looks like some horny dominatrix that likes to wear cat ears and lick herself.

Last of all, we have Mai from the Final Fight series. She's pretty bad too. Her outfit is like an Asian version of the infamous up-the-ass leotard. Have you guys ever seen the Final Fight movie? (#3, I think...) If you've seen that, you've seen how horny and annoying she is! She's a disgrace to cool female ninjas like Ibuki!

Video game companies, in order to be more politically correct, you have one of two options:

  1. You get some more girls like the cool top four.
  2. You get some guys wearing g-strings thongs that look like Jin.
Now that's more like it!