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There are many versions of Jin's story, so here are all the ones that I found. There are more, and I'll post them whenever I have the time.

    1. At the age of fifteen, he had been told of his birthright as the son of Kazuya Mishima, and it was also then that he had lost his mother, Jun Kazama. Jin Kazama thus trained himself under the supervision of Heihachi Mishima, who was not only his grandfather but also a reliable teacher. Now, four years have passed and he is nineteen. Having mastered the arts of Kazama Judo and Mishima Fighting Karate, Jin is ready to take action as a martial artist.
    1. One day, 15 years after "The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2," a communication was sent to Heihachi Mishima, the leader of the Mishima Financial Empire. The report brought the ominous news that his "Tekken Forces" had been obliterated after encountering a mysterious being called "Ogre." Soon after receiving the news, martial arts masters from around the world began disappearing. In the midst of Heihachi's concerns about the missing fighters, a young man appeared before him. His name was Jin Kazama. He claimed to be the son of Kazuya Mishima, whom Heihachi himself had taken to the grave during the last tournament. In a more startling revelation, Jin said that his mother, Jun Kazama, had been attacked by Ogre and vanished. All of these events convinced Heihachi that Ogre thrived on the powerful souls of the vanished masters. He also believed that harnessing Ogre's powers could bring immense strength to the Mishima empire. And thus Heihachi taught the art of Mishima Style Fighting Karate to young Jin. Jin's discipline and abilities were strengthened like steel under the intense training, driven by the desire for revenge upon the beast that took his mother's life. Four years have passed, and Heihachi acknowledges Jin's impressive fighting powers. And now, he announces "The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3" -- with Jin as a lure to draw Ogre out into the open.
    1. Jin stands in the mountain pass. The wind howls with gale fury, but he is not cold. The spirits of his mother's ancestors are telling an epic tale of war, betrayal and true love. Good Stuff. Jin has learned his lesson's well. When the story ends, he makes his way down to the house. Jun sits outside, gently weaving.
      "Was it good?"
      "The best!"
      "I'm glad."
      "What did you do to your hair?"
      "You like it?"
      "It.... It reminds me of your father."
      "What was he like? I mean REALLY like?"
      Several months pass.
      Jin sit outside practicing. A storm glides over the mountain. Where did that come from?
      Jun bursts outside.
      "Run away, Jin!"
      An inhuman howl of rage echoes up the mountain. The sky darkens. A shape materializes from the darkness below. Another bellow of rage assaults Jin's ears.
      "I will not leave you!"
      The creature ascends the mountain with incredible speed. Red eyes cut through Jin's heart. The boy charges.
      Jin awakens. It is morning. He looks around.
      Everything is gone. Everything.
      "MOTHER!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!"
      Heihachi spars with Kuma. The morning air is refreshing.
      An aide approaches.
      "Sir? I think you should see this..."
      Heihachi follows. A boy stands in a circle of guards. Several have already gotten too close.
      "Mishima Heihachi! I'm just looking for Heihachi! Don't come any closer!"
      "Stand down, gentlemen. What can I do for you, young man?"
      "I.. My name is Jin. Kazama Jin."
      "My father was your son."
      Kazuya! This explains everything! This cannot be an accident....
      "I see. Walk with me, boy. We probably have much to discuss, you and I."
      Four years pass.
      Jin is ready. The anger burns his soul. The Toshin will pay. Pay with his life......

    Vital Statistics

    Catch Copy Fatal lightning
    Nationality Japanese
    Fighting Style Advanced Mishima style Fighting Karate. Kazama style of self-defense (It is the mixture of learning from his mother and also his own style.)
    Age, Height, Weight, Blood Type 19, 180cm, 75kg, AB Type
    Occupation Martial Artist
    Hobby Forest Bathing
    Likes Mother's precepts
    Dislikes Deceiving others

    Jin's Starting Poses

    1. Jin puts his right hand on his hip and looks away. I love this one!!! Jin at his seductive best!!!
    1. Jin turns away and checks his glove. Great, but his other one is *MUCH* better.

    Jin's Winning Poses

    When you hold down...

    1. Left punch - Jin does a sexy-ass quick 4-set form. His best one!
    1. Right punch - Jin punches twice with one hand and then lunges forward in a punch with his other one. Not all that great.
    1. Left kick - Jin crosses his arms and then looks away. Trying to be a cocky guy like his daddy.
    1. Right kick - Jin does a classic Kazuya pose. He punches and then leaps into his Wind God Fist. This one's not that great either.

    Jin's Outfits

    When you press...

    1. Left/Right punch - Jin wears *no* shirt, black gi pants with an orange flame on the right leg, and the trademark Mishima red gloves. Still nice, but the worst of the three.
    1. Left/Right kick - Jin wears black leather pants, boots, and an orange and black leather jacket with a Japanese character on the back. The second best one.
    1. Start - Jin wears his school uniform which consists of pinstripe pants, dress shoes, and a white collared shirt with a blue sweater. His best outfit. It shows off his body MAGNIFICENTLY. He looks unbelievably sexy when he's wearing this. (Note: You have to choose Jin 50 times before this is available in the PSX version, which *shouldn't* be a problem...)

    Jin's Ending

    Here is the text version of Jin's ending:

    1. After defeating the demon known as the Toshin, the God of Fighting, a physically drained Jin Kazama, the new King of the Iron Fist, turned back to his grandfather, but instead was betrayed. Heihachi Mishima had ordered his private army to dispose of his grandson by ending is miserable life, and being every bit as submissive as they had been trained to be, his henchmen complied by firing round after round of bullets at the poor youth. Finally, Jin was brought down. With disbelieving eyes, he stretched out his arm to someone, anyone, who would so much as help him. Heihachi walked up to him, a gun in hand. Before Jin could even ask why, he planted a bullet between his grandson's eyes, then, before turning to leave, he ordered his henchmen to ensure that Jin Kazama was really and truely, dead. As he was sauntering off, a sudden movement made him whirl as one of his henchmen's broken body came flying past and into a hard wall. And out of the darkness, where his grandson's supposed corpse once lay, glowed to blood-red eyes of paradox. Heihachi was stunned into silence and immobility. When the figure emerged, in place of his grandson was a mockery of him. With once innocent eyes that now gleamed a sickly yellow, sexy jet-black bangs that now grew long to his jaw, and tender fingers now elongated to ugly, trembling claws, the creature stood, somewhat regal before him. Although its skin color was still the natural shade of human skin, thick, black brushworks similar to the marking on its left arm flanked its forehead. The marking of death. Heihachi was terrified. Shocked and terrified. Before he could even move however, Jin did in a movement so fast it could not have possibly been human. He grabbed his grandfather to repay him for his earlier act of kindness, and effotlessly hurled him through the sturdy stone wall of the building, and several stories up as well. Then, as Heihachi fell back to the earth, Jin leapt after him and flung his arms wide... And from his back sprouted the most magnificent pair of black feathered wings. He slammed Heihachi into the ground one last time before spreading his wings and taking off for the moon. To be with his father.
    Here's my rendition of Jin's ending... In animated GIF format. Be forewarned: it's bit silly, has borderline language, and employs wannabe ebonics. =) Anyways, here it is...

  • My Version of Jin's Ending

    Jin's Stages

    Well, Jin has two stages actually. I have yet to get the schoolyard one where he is in his school uniform, but here is the dojo.

  • Jin's Dojo Stage

    More Reasons Why He's My Man

    1. Well, personality-wise, he seems really great. He seems like a "preppy mama's boy," the kind of guy I go for in real life. He's not a bad boy, more like the kind of guy you could take home to meet mom.
    1. He looks incredibly sexy in his school uniform.
    1. He's got hair like a god's. Exactly what I'm looking for.
    1. He's rich. I mean his grandaddy owns the Mishima Financial Empire, which he is the heir too. With him, I got my Lexus GS400!
    1. He has pouty man lips. Those are the sexiest lips I have ever seen on a guy.
    1. He knows how to dress. He dresses so it shows off those rippling muscles of his.
    1. He has a manly, but not too manly voice. Coincidentally, all my boyfriends have had gayish sorta voices so my friends make fun of me for that.
    1. He's a great fighter. He could sure kick my ass.
    1. My obsession with him pisses off my boyfriend!
    1. He's got one of those faces you can just stare at for hours and not find one flaw.
    1. He has gorgeous cheekbones.
    1. He has no chest hair. Chest hair is soooo gross.
    1. LOOK AT HIS BODY. It's perfect. Everything on him is as buff as hell.
    1. He has those Asian eyes. Next to hair and Jin, those are my other obsession.
    1. Last of all, HE'S JUST SOOOOO DAMN FINE!!!

    Random Jin Facts

    1. He attends Mishima Polytechnical Institute (Mishima Industrial High?) and is classmates with Ling Xiaoyu. That's why they both wear school uniforms in the game.
    1. Hwoarang considers Jin his rival because when he and Jin fought, the fight ended in a draw.
    1. Jin began to become posessed by the devil when the black mark (It looks like a tattoo...) on his arm was burned in by a mysterious ray of light in the PSX intro. That teaches you to run around the forest at night with your shirt off Jin! (He gets posessed in every single ending he appears in the PSX version.)
    1. He likes his grandaddy, but Heihachi doesn't seem to feel the seem way cuz he does shoot him. Dammit Heihachi's just using you, or didn't you know that, Jin!
    1. Jin's great-grandfather's name is Jinhachi (Jinpachi?) Mishima.
    1. Jin's name can be translated to Chinese! It's Fenjian Ren, which means "humanity within the phoenix." My name in Chinese is Phei Su. Simple, but I have no idea what it means. Pretty cool anyways...

    1. Right now, I know of three different girls whose names are Jin. All of them are Korean too. There's Jin Kim, an acquaintance of mine, another Jin Kim, who is a singer from the Korean group "Diva," and Jin Ah, who is a singer from the Korean group "Young Turks Club." I have yet to find a guy named Jin... oh well.

    Got any other not-as-well-known Jin facts?!
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